The Campbell Group

An Acrisure Agency Partner

The Campbell Group Inc. began as a small commercial insurance agency in the 1960’s as a one man Agency. In 2012 the Campbell Agency, as a ESOP company with around 150 employees, sold to a newly emerging investment company with a keen focus on serving the commercial insurance industry. This was the first major acquisition for Acrisure.

Today Acrisure employs 6,000 globally, with annual premium in the 20 billion dollar range. Headquarters base remains in Grand Rapids Michigan. Nothing even close to this size and scale has ever been built in this kind of time frame.

Our growth and opportunities are unprecedented and limitless. This is a very exciting time for us at Acrisure &  The Campbell Group Inc.

Our innovative spirit, entrepreneurial drive, and fresh look at the business make us an entity which clients and our insurance carrier partners are proud to be associated with.


(Security and Investigative Insurance Solutions)

The terrorist acts of 9/11 had some far reaching effects on the insurance business. One result was there were inherent unknown risk and financial responsibilities in the aftermath of the attack. It was unknown how this would affect the insurers of security and investigative companies.   

Due to these uncertainties, those carriers which continued to accept security company liability risks sharply increased their premium. 

We discovered several things as a result;

  • Our clients were not funded for the large increase (and mid contract they could not change their bill rate)
  • There did not seem to be many, if any, insurance professional with in-depth knowledge of the security and investigative industries
  • No single security or investigative company had enough clout to negotiate effectively with the insurance industry

Consequently, we jumped in head first and developed a very deep expertise in the industry and were able to get operators within the industry to drop their competitive differences to amass enough premium volume to get the insurance companies' attention.

We were able to bring premiums back in line and many of our customers saved 50%! Those same low rates are still in use.

Today we are proud to partner with thousands of security and investigative companies in all 50 states.

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